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Understanding the PlayEverywhere Vision: Its Essential Role in Indonesia's Creative Work 2023

13 Dec 2023

Indonesia continues to move forward in developing the potential of its MSMEs and local creators. One event that illustrates this spirit is Karya Kreatif Indonesia 2023 (KKI 2023). Amid this event, PlayEverywhere was present as a key partner, playing an important role in realizing the vision of developing Indonesian MSMEs and creators. In this article, we will explore PlayEverywhere's role in the KKI 2023 event and how the platform provided essential support to achieve this great mission.

Bringing Vision to Work: PlayEverywhere at KKI 2023

Karya Kreatif Indonesia has been an important milestone in advancing MSMEs and local creators in Indonesia. In 2023, KKI comes with the spirit of Badarau Nusantara, inviting all parties to collaborate in creating innovations and spirit. And during this prestigious event, PlayEverywhere emerged as one of the key players taking part in bringing this vision to reality.

Supporting the Mission of MSME Development and Local Creators

PlayEverywhere is more than just an entertainment tool. It is a catalyst for the development of MSMEs and local creators in Indonesia. Through its interactive features, PlayEverywhere helps musicians and creators to gain access to a wider stage, overcome geographical barriers, and get their creativity heard by a larger audience.

Inspiration from the KKI Stage: PlayEverywhere's Presence for Local Musicians

Inspiring stories from the KKI 2023 stage tell how PlayEverywhere is giving local musicians a platform to shine. One inspiring story is that of Josh Sitompul, a native Batak musician. Through PlayEverywhere, Josh was able to perform on the KKI stage from his home in Bandung, bringing the magic of technology to enable creators to compete on an international level.

Josh said, "PlayEverywhere gives us, the musicians, the opportunity to overcome physical barriers and reach listeners around the world. It's a new avenue to get our music out there and gain international recognition."

Grasping the Big Mission with PlayEverywhere

PlayEverywhere has proven its commitment to supporting the development mission of MSMEs and local creators in Indonesia. With its presence in KKI 2023, the platform has brought new hope and opportunities for musicians and creators to achieve greater success. The great mission it carries is becoming increasingly possible to realize, making PlayEverywhere an indispensable partner in realizing this extraordinary vision.