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Tourism Innovation: Revealing the Extraordinary Potential of Play Everywhere in Super Priority Destinations

12 Dec 2023

Last July, Friday (7/21/2023) to be precise, witnessed a technological breakthrough that changed the face of Indonesian tourism. The National Coordination Meeting (Rakornas) for the development of 5 Super Priority Tourism Destinations (DPSP) was held at The Plataran Heritage Borobudur Hotel, Magelang Regency. The event was chaired by Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, and resulted in decisions that have the potential to elevate Indonesian tourism to a new level.

One of the key takeaways from the Rakornas was the plan to attract 2 million tourists to Borobudur, with an estimated revenue of 2 billion dollars (Rp 30 trillion). However, behind these numbers, there are technological innovations that play a central role in changing the way super-priority tourist destinations are managed and enjoyed.

Play Everywhere, an interactive entertainment platform, stole the show. Present in the form of a TV Box in the Rakornas registration room and Stupa Resto at Hotel Plataran, Play Everywhere presents a paradigm-shifting entertainment experience. The Director of Tourism Marketing of the Lake Toba Authority (BPODT), Wahyu Dito Galih Indharto, enthusiastically welcomed this technology. For him, Play Everywhere is an extraordinary breakthrough for Indonesian tourism.

The main concept of Play Everywhere is the ability to perform live and interact in real-time. Visitors are not only spectators, but can also request songs, send virtual gifts, say hello, and interact directly with the performers. Dito could not hide his admiration for this technology.

"This is a unique thing, because of its ability to perform live and interact. I can imagine Play Everywhere becoming an important part of Lake Toba's tourist destinations, like The Caldera that we are developing. It will be an amazing complement," Dito said.

Play Everywhere makes a difference with its interactive technology, connecting visitors to culture and entertainment in an immersive way. How about visitors to The Caldera having a richer and more intimate experience through this technology?

Wello Neger Pohan, a civil servant at the Karo Regency Government, North Sumatra, also feels the great potential of Play Everywhere to increase tourism in Lake Toba. From his position in charge of Lake Toba, Wello sees Play Everywhere as an innovative way to bring entertainment to various venues, from cafes to meeting places.

"The first time I saw it, I was surprised. How could an artist perform live without a stage? The artist read out song requests and even greeted certain tables. This is a breakthrough that changes our view of distance. The technology brings us closer, as we saw when the Batak artist performed live from Bandung in front of visitors in Magelang," Wello said excitedly.

However, enthusiasm did not only come from the officials. The visitors were also fascinated by the new experience offered by Play Everywhere. GoPlay CEO, Edy Sulistyo, also attended the event and was proud of the appreciation given to Play Everywhere.

More than just entertainment, Play Everywhere opens up new opportunities for the nation's creators. Edy stated that Play Everywhere gives creators from all over Indonesia the opportunity to perform on the global stage. With Play Everywhere, musicians like Josh Sitompul can entertain their brothers and sisters in Toba without having to return to their hometown. This also applies to other local musicians, who can easily perform live and reach audiences from all over the world.

"With Play Everywhere, we hope to enhance and improve the lives of the nation's child creators spread across the archipelago. This is a big step to showcase Indonesia's tremendous potential in entertainment and tourism," said Edy.

Play Everywhere has already proven its worth at Kopikalyan Tokyo in early July, bringing musicians from various regions to perform live. Its presence at events and tourism destinations emphasizes its important role in bringing interactive entertainment and immersive cultural experiences to visitors. Play Everywhere is not only an entertainment technology, it is also key to connecting destinations with a global audience.