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PlayEverywhere at Karya Kreatif Indonesia 2023: Greeting a New Future for Indonesian MSMEs and Creators

13 Dec 2023

On July 27, 2023, Karya Kreatif Indonesia 2023 (KKI 2023) presented an extraordinary blend of art, creativity, and technology with the presence of Play Everywhere. This much-anticipated event for artists, musicians, and creators has opened an exciting new door for Indonesian MSMEs and creators to present their work interactively and more affordably.

Play Everywhere has emerged as the main star that opens new doors for Indonesian MSMEs and creators. Its presence not only provides entertainment but also represents a new era in the world of art and creativity in the country.

Presenting a Groundbreaking Interactive Experience

At that moment, Play Everywhere appeared as an innovative technology that was able to present an entertainment experience that was so interactive and groundbreaking. Giant Screen/LED TV (Play Box/Play Screen) is a window to the creative world of Indonesia that is full of surprises. MSMEs and local creators no longer only showcase their work, but also collaborate directly with the audience, embracing them in the world of art and music.

The audience of KKI 2023 will not only witness but also participate in the artists' performances. They could send song requests, send virtual gifts, and even interact directly with the creators through Play Everywhere. This scene brought a new spirit to the world of events and entertainment, creating an atmosphere that exuded a collaborative spirit.

Expanding the Reach of Indonesian MSMEs and Creators

The presence of Play Everywhere at KKI 2023 is not just a show, but also a new way for Indonesian MSMEs and creators to expand their reach and make greater achievements. Geographical boundaries and limited resources are no longer obstacles. They can perform on a big stage like KKI without having to dig deep into their pockets or struggle with distance.

With Play Everywhere technology, MSMEs and creators have a virtual stage that can present them to a global audience. The potential for a wider market is wide open, allowing them to gain international popularity. This is a valuable momentum for Indonesian MSMEs and creators to expand their network, showcase their work, and attract greater business opportunities.

Indonesia's Creative Work in 2023 with the Presence of Play Everywhere

Play Everywhere has effectively enlivened KKI 2023 with an atmosphere full of excitement and interaction. This interactive stage has revived the spirit of creativity and art in society. The appearance of Indonesian MSMEs and creators has given a new highlight to the event, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

The presence of Play Everywhere at KKI 2023 also underscores KKI's vision of providing an inclusive platform for creative industry players. This is clear evidence that technology can be a tool to advance art and creativity. Indonesian MSMEs and creators now have access to the world stage, not only to participate but also to make their mark on the international scene.

Ending the Era of Boundaries, Beginning the Era of Collaboration

With Play Everywhere at KKI 2023, we are ending the era of boundaries and entering an era of greater collaboration. The presence of this technology has opened the door for Indonesian MSMEs and creators to shine on the global stage. They are no longer confined by geographical or financial constraints but can present their work with confidence and get the recognition they deserve.

Play Everywhere has led the change in the world of arts and entertainment, opening new doors for Indonesian MSMEs and creators to explore new territories. We can enthusiastically look forward to a brighter and more inclusive future, where technology becomes a tool to connect, inspire and elevate Indonesian creativity to the global stage.