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Play Everywhere: Bringing Indonesian Local Musicians to the Global Stage with Revolutionary Live Performance Technology

In an era of growing globalization, Indonesian musicians and artists have endless opportunities to express their talents to the rest of the world. One platform that has successfully proven this is Play Everywhere, an interactive entertainment solution that has brought live performances of Indonesian musicians virtually in Tokyo, Japan. In partnership with Kopikalyan, Play Everywhere managed to bring Indonesian musicians to achieve success in the international market.

Global Expansion Through Kopikalyan Tokyo

At Kopikalyan Tokyo, four Indonesian musicians, namely Sapta Pratama, Risye Andriany, Arief S. Pramono, and Josh Sitompul managed to perform brilliantly. These four musicians, who have built a reputation through the GoPlay live stream platform, were able to create an amazing live performance experience for the public in Tokyo. Play Everywhere, with its Giant Screen/LED TV (Play Box/Play Screen) technology, allows performers to interact in real-time with the audience on location, even allowing the audience to make song requests, send virtual gifts, and communicate directly.

Driving Global Expansion for Indonesian Musicians

GoPlay CEO, Edy Sulistyo, acknowledged that the success of the first Play Everywhere event in Kopikalyan Tokyo opened up a great opportunity for Indonesian creators to go global easily. Not just musicians, but all types of Indonesian performers can now perform live and interact with international audiences through Play Everywhere. This technology removes geographical boundaries and allows creators to perform around the world without the need for large fees or special connections.

Cultural Experience and Live Exchange.

With Play Everywhere, cultural experiences and live exchanges can happen more easily and intimately. Visitors in Tokyo can experience the atmosphere of Indonesia and interact with live Indonesian musicians. This not only brings excitement but also deepens the understanding of Indonesian culture. GoPlay's CEO, Edy Sulistyo, described that when Indonesians abroad bring their friends or partners to a local Indonesian tavern to enjoy a live performance, the experience becomes something extraordinary.

Play Everywhere: Revolutionizing Live Performance Technology for Indonesian Musicians Around the World

Play Everywhere not only delivers live performances but also solves the delay issues that often arise in other two-way live streaming apps. With the advanced technology of GoPlay and Play Everywhere, the delay problem can be overcome effectively, making the live viewing experience more optimal and interactive. No longer trapped by the barriers of distance and time, viewers can experience the live presence of their favorite musicians without annoying technical obstacles. The rousing welcome and immediate response from the audience become more real and engaging, opening the door for deeper global connectivity in the Indonesian music industry.

Introducing Indonesia Through Kopikalyan Tokyo

The partnership between Play Everywhere and Kopikalyan created a space for Indonesian musicians to introduce their culture and work abroad. Through live performances at Kopikalyan Tokyo, visitors can experience a slice of Indonesia's atmosphere and deepen their understanding of the country. Play Everywhere not only brings music but also connects people from different parts of the world. At the same time in the press conference, Kenny Erawan Tjahjadi, Country Director of Kopikalyan from Tokyo, expressed his joy that his coffee shop was chosen to be the first overseas venue to test Play Everywhere. The performance of Indonesian musicians through Play Everywhere also realizes his vision to further open the window of Indonesian cultural recognition in the international world.


Play Everywhere has proven itself to be an effective tool in bringing Indonesian musicians to the international stage. With the successful collaboration between Play Everywhere and Kopikalyan, we can see great potential in introducing Indonesian culture globally. With ever-evolving technology, the future of global expansion for Indonesian musicians and artists is wide open, making the international stage a platform to achieve success and introduce our cultural identity.