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Opening New Business Opportunities with PlayEverywhere for Music MSMEs and Local Creators

12 Dec 2023

Indonesia has tremendous potential in the field of arts and entertainment. In this digital era, innovative breakthroughs like PlayEverywhere have opened up opportunities for local music MSMEs and creators to expand their business and gain greater international exposure. In this article, let's explore how PlayEverywhere brings exciting new business opportunities and supports local music MSMEs and creators to achieve international recognition.

Business Opportunities Approach with PlayEverywhere

PlayEverywhere has brought innovative breakthroughs in the entertainment space. For local music MSMEs and creators, this opens up exciting business opportunities. Here is how PlayEverywhere provides promising business opportunities:

  • A Stage Without Geographical Boundaries: Previously, the international stage may have seemed out of reach for local music MSMEs and creators. However, with PlayEverywhere, they can now perform for a global audience without leaving their homes. This opens up opportunities to introduce their work to the international market.
  • Reduced Production Costs: PlayEverywhere eliminates the need for expensive event production. This means music SMEs and local creators can perform at a more affordable production cost, while still providing an engaging and interactive entertainment experience.
  • Creating Additional Revenue Sources: PlayEverywhere opens the door for additional revenue generation. Local music MSMEs and creators can sell merchandise, receive virtual gifts from fans, or even offer unique services such as exclusive performances for fans.
Success from the PlayEverywhere Creator's Perspective

There is no more convincing proof than hearing directly from those who have experienced the benefits of PlayEverywhere. Here are testimonies from some PlayEverywhere creators who have achieved success:

Josh Sitompul, Musician and PlayEverywhere Creator:
"In the past, I felt limited by geographical boundaries. But with PlayEverywhere, I can now perform on virtual stages in different parts of the world. This opens up new opportunities and brings my work to an international level."

Arief S Pramono, Singer and Songwriter:
"PlayEverywhere provides the perfect platform to interact directly with my fans. I can receive song requests directly from them and provide a more personal experience in every performance."

Stepping into the Future with PlayEverywhere

Music SMEs and local creators have tremendous opportunities to succeed through PlayEverywhere. From international stages to additional sources of income, PlayEverywhere brings endless benefits. This innovation proves that every local musician and creator has the opportunity to succeed in an increasingly connected entertainment world. With PlayEverywhere, their future is a vast and diverse stage, ready to be flooded with their creativity and talent.