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Creating Memories Through Music & Food

13 Dec 2023
Food Is Memory, Music Is Emotion

In the tapestry of our lives, memories are the threads that weave together the moments we hold dear. Two powerful elements that contribute to the creation of unforgettable memories are music and food. When combined, they create a symphony for the senses, enhancing our experiences and etching moments into our minds. Like whenever we come across certain food or music, our subconscious self will try to recreate the memory we have linked to that food or music. Even when we come to certain places or restaurants we will try to recreate the moments or even reinforce them. Similarly, music is about evoking emotion. As humans, we tend to associate our emotions to music. Re-living them through various strums and hums – beyond time and space.

When music brings back memories of events, people and places from our past – is known as a music-evoked autobiographical memory. And it's a common experience. It often occurs as an involuntary memory. That is, we make no effort to try to recall such memories, they just come to mind spontaneously.

Research has recently begun to uncover why music appears to be such a good cue for evoking memories.

First, music tends to accompany many distinctive life events, such as proms, graduations, weddings and funerals, so it can play an important role in reconnecting us with these self-defining moments.

Music also often captures our attention, due to the way it affects our minds, bodies and emotions.

When music draws our attention, this increases the likelihood that it will be encoded in memory together with details of a life event. And this then means it is able to serve as an effective cue for not only remembering this event years later but also about your restaurants and your menu thus to make them your loyal customers.

Many restaurants don’t see the connection between food and music. Consumers tend to have food expectations. When they go into a restaurant or event that focuses on a certain country or cuisine, they generally expect all aspects of that experience to be of that country or cuisine — including music.

Nowadays, many restaurants and other establishments include music as a critical component of the food experience. Music creates a more immersive experience than you otherwise would have had. You are in the moment.

You can create positive food experiences regardless of your location or circumstances. It brings you into the experience with the food, both mentally and physically. If you are eating without music, you just taste the experience, but you are not hearing it.

Music inserts an additional sense into the food experience. You can see the meal, taste the meal, and now you can also hear the atmosphere surrounding the meal. That’s why not only having music is essential but having the right music is critical.

At Everywhere.id, we are aware of the complexities that business owners have to face from establishing the menu to creating an inviting ambience, therefore at Everywhere.id, we are committed to helping business owners by covering every aspect starting from volume, tempo, genre , etc. by supporting the local Indonesian talent community to help you create the best culinary experience.

All to bring you a whole other dimension into the overall experience.

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