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How Live Music Help Boost Sales

11 Jan 2024

Incorporating live music into your restaurant not only adds vibrancy to the setting but also contributes to a more enjoyable and memorable dining experience for your patrons. Background music isn't just about creating a relaxing atmosphere in a restaurant; it can also be a powerful tool to boost profits.

Live music, in particular, has the ability to prolong customer stays and stimulate additional purchases from the menu. While it might seem like a task for a music expert, there are several practical ways that restaurants can integrate music into their marketing, sales, and service strategies to enhance their business. Here are some methods to elevate your restaurant's business through live music:

  1. Extended Customer Stay:  Live music can entice customers to linger longer in your restaurant. The enjoyment of a live performance encourages patrons to extend their visit, leading to increased opportunities for additional food and beverage orders.
  2. Enhanced Ambiance and Experience: Live music contributes significantly to the overall ambiance and experience. The immersive atmosphere created by live performances can make dining at your restaurant more memorable, encouraging customers to return and recommend your establishment to others.
  3. Themed Nights and Events: Plan themed nights or events with live music to attract a specific audience. Whether it's jazz nights, acoustic sessions, or genre-specific events, this strategy not only adds variety but also draws in different customer demographics.
  4. Promotions and Specials: Tie live music performances with promotions or special menu items. Consider offering discounts during live music hours or creating exclusive deals for customers attending the performances. This can incentivize additional spending.
  5. Social Media Engagement:Leverage social media to promote your live music events. Create engaging posts, share snippets of performances, and encourage customers to share their experiences online. This not only generates buzz but also attracts a broader audience.
  6. Collaborate with Local Artists:Partner with local musicians or bands to perform at your restaurant. This not only supports the local arts community but also helps build a loyal customer base interested in supporting local talent.
  7. Customer Feedback Integration:Collect feedback from customers regarding their music preferences. Use this information to tailor live music offerings to better match the tastes of your target audience, enhancing the overall customer experience.

And how can you help to boost this music for your sales?

1. Play slower tempo songs during downtime

Playing soft and slow-tempo songs during slower periods has been proven to boost sales. Studies, such as one conducted by The Association of Consumer Research, indicate that customers tend to spend more time dining when slow music is playing. The relaxed and comfortable atmosphere created by slow music can extend the duration of customers' stay, potentially leading to a significant increase in daily restaurant revenue.

2. Play Sounds That Pair Up the Menu

Tailor your background music to complement your menu. High-pitched sounds work well with sweet foods and drinks, while low-pitched sounds emphasize bitterness. The correlation between music and meals is noteworthy, so aligning the music with what customers are consuming can enhance their overall dining experience and satisfaction.

3. Amplify the Sound to Increase Drink Sales

Adjusting the volume can have a significant impact on customer behavior. Increasing the volume creates a livelier atmosphere, capturing people's attention and engagement. This, in turn, has been shown to increase drink sales. The energy brought in by loud music can enhance the overall ambiance, making customers more immersed in their surroundings and more likely to enjoy the experience, including their choice of drinks.

By strategically incorporating live music like Play Everywhere into your restaurant's operations, you can create a more engaging and profitable dining environment. The right approach to live music can turn it into a valuable asset for your business, appealing to a wider customer base and increasing revenue.