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Get to know PlayEverywhere: An Interactive Solution for Live Music in Cafes

12 Dec 2023

In the modern world of entertainment, cafes are not only a place to enjoy a cup of coffee or delicious food, but also a stage for local musicians to perform live. However, organizing a live music event at a café can often be a complicated and time-consuming task. It's time to get acquainted with PlayEverywhere, an interactive solution that will change the way cafes present live entertainment without too much hassle.

What is PlayEverywhere?

PlayEverywhere is a revolutionary platform designed to deliver unique and interactive live entertainment experiences in cafes. Using a Giant Screen/LED TV device known as a Play Box, PlayEverywhere allows musicians and patrons to interact in real time. In this sense, PlayEverywhere is the answer to the demand of cafes that want to host live music events without the hassle, providing a more immersive experience to visitors.

PlayEverywhere's Top Features
  • Real-Time Interaction: One of the most prominent features of PlayEverywhere is the ability for real-time interaction between musicians or performers and patrons. Visitors can make song requests, send virtual gifts, or even chat with performers through the Play Box.
  • Song Request via Barcode Scan: Café patrons can access the list of available songs and request their favorite songs easily through the barcode scanner integrated with the Play Box. This takes the entertainment experience to a new level, where patrons feel like they have an active role in the event.
  • Stage Without Geographical Boundaries: PlayEverywhere removes the constraints of geography and distance. Musicians can perform on a virtual stage from their location, and patrons in cafes can enjoy live performances from musicians located elsewhere.
  • Collaboration with Local Creators: PlayEverywhere also provides opportunities for local musicians and creators to collaborate and perform on the digital stage. This is a golden opportunity for local talents to perform and gain wider recognition.
Delivering hassle-free Entertainment

With PlayEverywhere, cafes don't have to worry about setting up a physical stage or complicated equipment. All technical arrangements are taken care of by the compact and sophisticated Play Box. Musicians can freely interact with patrons, creating a more intimate and entertaining atmosphere.

With PlayEverywhere, cafes have a new way to bring their live music events to life. This interactive solution brings fun and uniqueness to diners while giving musicians the opportunity to perform with more impact. This innovation is the bridge that connects cafes with the modern world of entertainment, creating an unforgettable experience for all who attend. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get creative and experience interactive entertainment with PlayEverywhere in your café!