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Do you like hanging out at cafes? Here's a cool program from PlayEverywhere that you must join!

13 Dec 2023

For those of you who like to spend time at cafes, and want to hang out with friends and family while enjoying interactive entertainment, there is exciting news! Let's get acquainted with what PlayEverywhere is. PlayEverywhere is a truly unique, innovative, and contemporary virtual live music entertainment platform, presenting a variety of exciting and interactive programs in various cafes and venues that have worked together.

Just imagine, you can enjoy entertainment while playing games, interact directly with hosts and performers in real-time, and have the opportunity to win attractive prizes!

Now that you're familiar with PlayEverywhere, let's talk about three cool special programs that you should join from PlayEverywhere:

1. GETATU (Old Date Gem) Everywhere

GETATU Everywhere is an interactive game with millions of rupiah prizes that can make you more excited. This program is held in the middle to end of the month at cafes/venues that have PlayEverywhere installed. The goal is simple: to get you to come and hang out in places that have PlayEverywhere installed.

Apart from playing games, you can also enjoy cool performances from PlayEverywhere performers. You will be invited to participate in three types of games that are fun:

  • Guess the Picture: You will be given clues through pictures/items to guess the correct answer.
  • Guess the Character: You'll see a cutout of a character's face and have to guess who the character is. The host will also help with additional clues.
  • Trivia Time: You'll get a statement and have to guess whether it's true or false. After the answer is revealed, the host will give you a unique fact about the statement. Well, whoever is fast and correct, gets a GoPay balance prize! There are also prizes for winners with the most total points. How fun is that?
2. Mini Trivia

Every Monday and Wednesday, you can join Mini Trivia at cafes/venues with Playbox PlayEverywhere. All you have to do is show up, watch PlayEverywhere's virtual live event, and join the mini trivia hosted by the performers. It's really easy, right?

You can get Rp50,000 worth of GoPay balance if you answer the trivia questions correctly. All it takes is a little knowledge and a quick response, and you can walk away with a prize!

3. Jamming Everywhere

Who loves music? Well, you must join Jamming Everywhere! Talented musicians will play live music in front of you virtually. You can chat and interact with them as they perform live.

Their performances will be captured in a studio with top-notch sound quality and appearance. It will be really exciting!

Terms and Conditions:

Of course, some terms and conditions need to be followed. You can check more info on Instagram @every.where.id for each program.

So, let's not miss the exciting moments and opportunities to get attractive prizes from the GETATU, Mini Trivia, and Jamming Everywhere programs from PlayEverywhere. Make your entertainment and leisure time more exciting with this cool program!